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Pain, fatigue, and discomfort aren’t ailments you should learn to live with, or mask with drugs or potions. As a matter of fact, the sooner you address the root cause of those symptoms, the sooner you can fend off serious health issues from gaining traction inside your body.

Back pain, neck pain, and headaches aren’t due to drug deficiency, rather, they’re due to nerve interference. Nerve interference is the general term chiropractors use to describe the pinching or pulling of the delicate nerves that run through or spread out of the spinal cord.

Nerve interference is usually a direct result of spinal misalignments, brought on by poor postural habits, dormant sports or auto accident injuries, or even during the birthing process. Nerve interference acts like a garden hose that has been kinked; which can dramatically reduce nerve energy flow from the brain to the rest of the body.

Diminished nerve energy to the limbs can manifest itself as pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness. But even more dangerous is diminished nerve flow to the organs… which in most cases don’t signal pain. Instead, the affected organs go into a state of eventual dysfunction, and result in disease down the road.

Corrective Chiropractic Advantage

The only way to reverse the effects of nerve interference is through corrective chiropractic care. While traditional chiropractors relieve nerve interference momentarily, the poor structure of the spine or posture will reintroduce nerve interference within a few hours, days or weeks. This is why we traditional chiropractic care is more of a temporary fix.

Chiropractic BioPhysics – the most researched, scientific, and published corrective care technique – not only addresses immediate pain relief, but aims to realign the spine back to its normal curvature, and by doing so, eliminate the source of nerve interference.

Millions of patients worldwide who have experienced corrective care, report a noticeable improvement in their overall health and wellness, and a definite reduction in pain, fatigue, or disease.

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The 3 Phases of Care

Phase 1:
Acute Care

Our first objective is to get you out of pain, and reduce inflammation. Starting corrective care without symptom and inflammation reduction will not yield desirable results. This phase can take between 1-3 weeks.

Phase 2:
Corrective Care

This phase of care will slowly reshape the spine back to health. It includes mirror image adjustments, traction, and home exercises. Depending the severity of the correction required, this phase could take 3 to 12 months.

Phase 3:
Stabilization Care

The preservation of your new spinal structure, along with improved health is the purpose behind stabilization care. Weekly adjustments, continued at-home exercises, and a new lifestyle will ensure long-term results.


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