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Our name is our purpose. Life Changing Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Maria Radcliffe Machado and her husband Dr. Julian Machado to help the South Florida community express its life potential, and live it to the fullest.

Often we ignore our aches, pains, fatigue, and discomfort to a point that we unknowingly alter our lives. We no longer wake up energized to take on the day. We no longer look forward to spending one on one time with our kids. We no longer enjoy the things we once used to look forward to.

Unlike traditional chiropractors who only strive to provide temporary pain relief, our mission is to pinpoint, and eliminate the root cause of those health issues, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy living life again.

We utilize digital x-rays, comprehensive exams, postural assessments, and corrective chiropractic care to not only eliminate the source of pain, but more importantly put you on the path to exceptional health, so you too can live the life of purpose.

We established LC Chiropractic in 2020 in Cooper City Florida, and hope we will become your destination for health and vitality in the community.

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Meet The Doctors

Dr Maria Radcliffe Machado, DC

Dr. Maria is a second generation chiropractor, a mother, a wife, and a lifetime advocate for holistic health. Dr. Maria graduated from Life University with honors (Manga Cum Laude), an ICPA member, Webster certified, a Licensed Doula, completed Advanced CBP certification courses, President of CBP club at Life university, and was part of the team led by Dr Curtis Fedorchuk and Emory University in Atlanta; to publish the largest epidemiological research study to date.

Dr. Maria believes that we are born healthy, but make choices throughout our lives that put our health at jeopardy. “I became a Chiropractor because I believe that we all have everything we need to live the life we want to live and allowing our health to limit our lives is a choice, not circumstance. We at LC Chiropractic believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have an exceptional life and we want to help you start that journey.

Dr. Maria’s passion is women’s health and was well on her way to becoming an OBGYN early in life. Fortunately, during an interview at a preparation program for medical school applicants, her counselor suggested she become a chiropractor or naturopathic doctor. Without knowing her involvement in Chiropractic, Dr. John commented on her holistic approach to every question and how she would not enjoy medical school.

One of Dr. Maria’s goals is to create a community where holistic minded professionals can work together and offer a healthy approach to health care, the food we eat, and even the homes we choose.

Dr Julian Machado, DC

Dr. Machado graduated from Life University in Atlanta where he met his wife Dr. Maria. Dr. Machado was trained directly under Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk; an innovator in Chiropractic and currently one of the most published Doctors in the world. Dr. Machado was trained by his mentor Dr. Timothy Radcliffe; owner and clinical director of the largest CBP facility in the United States.

Dr. Machado’s passion is to help those that have found themselves helpless and without answers, as he once was.

An injury at the age of 13, would forever change his life. Multiple medical doctors and an orthopedic surgeon suggested that he become comfortable with the idea of needing surgery and the use of a cane by the age of 29. Not accepting this fate, he found traditional chiropractic care. After an exacerbation in chiropractic school that left him immobile for 10 days, he decided to search for more answers. “ I had been treated by a variety of the most respected professors at my university and still experienced exacerbations that would leave me feeling crippled every 2-3 months”. Their recommendations were to change his diet, ice, and limit his physical activity.

Fortunately, Dr. Maria and Dr. Romagnolo persuaded him to attend a CBP seminar with Dr. Deed Harrison and Dr. Jason Haas. He finally found his answers and soon after volunteered at Dr. Fedorchuk’s office, completed all Basic and Advanced CBP certification courses, and assisted in multiple research studies. “The most important research study that I was a part of, was my own”. Proven through Pre & Post MRI reports, CBP protocol reduced his disc herniations from requiring surgery to 90% improved. “CBP gave me my life back and my mission is to help you change yours”!


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