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Wellness is the absence of disease. It’s the absence of stress, the absence of pain, the absence of discomfort, and and the absence of fatigue. Wellness means that your body is functioning at its prime, and as a result it empowers and elevates your state of mind and spirit.

How Does Disease Start?

Every organ in your body is controlled by the brain. Your heart, your lungs, your digestion, even your immune system are dependent on nerve energy to function.

However, poor posture, auto accidents, sports injuries, birth trauma, or even emotional and chemical stresses can cause our spines to misalign. Once spinal subluxations occur, pressure is exerted on the nerves carrying vital energy to the vital organs. The organs on the receiving end start to dysfunction, and eventually go into a state of disease.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Just because you may not be experiencing fatigue, pain or discomfort now, doesn’t mean you are well. Most organ dysfunction and disease doesn’t signal pain until it has progressed too far for the body to handle it on its own.

By then, most people will follow their medical doctor’s recommendations and start taking medication as an attempt to control their symptoms… which won’t address the real cause of their illness.

Chiropractic Isn’t Just Pain Relief

Over the past decade, more and more people are turning to chiropractic care… specifically corrective chiropractic. Many have been disappointed by the route their medical doctor has taken in regards to their health, while others are beginning to understand that their bodies are much more powerful than they give it credit for.

Chiropractic isn’t just about neck pain and back pain relief, although that’s an amazing side-effect of getting adjusted. However the real magic of chiropractic is in eliminating subluxations and facilitating uninterrupted nerve flow to every limb, organ, and tissue of the body.

With 100% nerve flow, organs, tissues, and limbs start to heal and function at 100% as well. And that’s when wellness takes over your body.

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